vehicle-affordable-quoteComparing prices on car insurance can literally save you hundreds of dollars if not more a year. When you compare car insurance you have to keep a few things in mind to make sure you get the plan that you need and the coverage that you want.

Value is the key. It is always nice to save money but you want to save money on the right type of product. In other words cheaper prices are not always the best value. To get the best value you need to shop for a plan that meets all your needs AND that comes from a reputable carrier.

Reputation Speaks Volumes

One of the key components of finding an affordable valuable plan is to compare plans among reputable insurance carriers. Reputable carriers offer fast claims processing and are user friendly. That means you get the answers that you need from the carrier and can easily discuss your plan with the carrier. It also means that their claims processing is met with a high customer satisfaction rate.

Finding the right carrier can be as simple as reading online reviews and taking a look at the Better Business Bureaus rating.

 Type Of Coverage

Comparing prices on car insurance is simple once you decide the type of coverage you need. For example if your vehicle is financed (you make a monthly payment on your car to the bank or finance company) your finance company may require that you have “full coverage”. Full coverage usually offers theft,fire and collision coverage.

Your state may have certain “limits of liability” that you have to meet.  Understanding what you have to have can make comparing your options a lot easier. Each carrier typically offers full coverage and liability coverage.

Most carriers also offer ala carte type options where you can add on things to your plan like towing a disabled vehicle or rental car coverage if you are in an accident. Of course all of the extras cost extra so it is important that you carefully compare your options.

 The Value

When you are comparing car insurance options you will notice that many insurance carriers offer similar plans for about the same cost. The value is in the additional coverages that are included and the amount of deductibles that you will have to pay.

Comparing prices on car insurance is all about getting the most bang for your buck!

Read more on these sites:

Msn Money – compare prices according to the brand

Sammenlign priser på bilforsikringer – The site is in Danish but worth reading. Using Google Translate if you need to translate the site.

car-accidentAre you ready to save on car insurance? If you have been over paying for your car insurance now is the time to do it! Do not continue to pay more than you have to. A lot of people pay more on their car insurance because they are not aware that they can be saving a lot of money. This is the reason for sites like Esurance, Money Supermarket, Rate City (Australia), and Bilforsikring (Denmark)

In this economy every bit of money counts. Even if you are in a good financial position why would you want to give the insurance company more than you have to? Paying more money for car insurance than you have to just does not make any sense.

Good Values

When you save on car insurance it does not mean that you have to give up the quality of your plan or policy. There are numerous carriers that offer car insurance and they want your business. These carriers offer many of the same coverage so why pay more.

Carriers will fight for your business by lowering costs when they know you are comparing plans. Lets face facts if a carrier can get more money out of you than that is exactly what they will do. If they have to lower their rates to get your business than that is what they will do as well.

You can find great values when you shop for car insurance instead of just accepting what a carrier offers you. Good values come from plans that offer excellent coverage, have a great customer service team AND help you to save on your car insurance.

Put Yourself In The Driver Seat

It is time to take control of your finances starting with paying less for auto insurance. Historically car insurance was sold to you without a lot of discussion or comparison. Basically consumers were at the mercy of the insurance companies.

Allowing the insurance companies to set the pace is not how things are done anymore. Today the consumer is in the drivers seat. You can direct the car insurance companies and let them know what you want and what you are willing to pay for it!

Taking the drivers seat and saving money is a powerful move!

How To Save

It is simple to save on car insurance! All you have to do is compare options and decide which plan is best for you! It takes a few minutes to save some big money!

Nauseating Gas Prices

When anything comes related to gas savings probably car owners are the most interested group of people to listen to it. With the constant increase in oil prices car owners are badly in need of ways how they can save money on gas consumption. This write up will help you to reduce gas consumption and to save money in the process.

  • Cars with bad engine condition need more gasoline to run on the road. So always have your car tuned-up. Following vehicle maintenance guide will help your carís engine to perform efficiently. Clean air filters will enhance fuel utilization and consequently your fuel mileage will increase up to 10%.
  • Always try to maintain a steady speed when driving. Stopping every now and then enhance your gas consumption by as much as 30 percent. Be gentle on your brakes and gas pedal. Abrupt increase in speed or sudden hard stops can make your car to consume more gas. Use ìcruise controlî while driving on the highways in order to maintain a steady speed. When you have option in hand avoid heavy traffic areas. This will also help you to maintain a stable speed and gives you relieve form using clutch frequently.
  • It is always a wise idea to go to gas stations early in the morning or at late night for purchasing gas. You will always avail extra for your cash if you use these cool hours while purchasing gas.
  • Try to keep the air resistance at a minimum level while driving at highways. So it is advisable to close your car windows at highways which will create a better aerodynamics and reduces the drag on your car. Open windows, even if you keep it marginal cause extra friction and reduce your mileage.
  • Minimum use of air conditioner is always helpful to save gas. So try not to use air conditioners when possible; rather concentrate more on using your carís vents. If you really have to use air conditioner try to set it at the lowest possible level. Never ever operate your air conditioner with car windows open.
  • Do not keep your engine on when sitting idle in long traffic. If you need to wait longer than a minute itís better to turn off your engine. Your car will use same amount of gas while restarting as it would use if you seat idle for more than a minute.
  • *Don’t fill up your car’s trunk with unnecessary stuffs. It will increase the total weight and heavy weight consumes heavy gas.
  • Check the air pressure of your car tires regularly. Properly inflated tires save fuel better because it creates less friction while run on roads.
photo by: lemonjenny