According to the Bureau of Labor Statistic Americans spend $1,700 on average clothes each year. This guide will help you make most of every dollar you are willing to spend thus saving your budget. With a bit of planning and implementing these thrifty tips you can up to $100 each year on outfits, your family may need.

  1. Purchase and pay with Cash only

If you are that person that is used to purchase and spend more than you had planned the best option is to stick to cash only. It hurts more and is tangible to hand over the actual cash than swiping the plastic credit or debit card. You will be able to save more as there is a very clear limit on the amount you have in your wallet. Avoid credit cards if you know you can’t control yourself from purchasing almost everything in the store that is appealing to your eyes.

  1. Shop the Men’s or Kid’s Section

Women’s outfits are usually highly priced than kid’s and men’s garments. If you are a lady looking for an outfit that is universal to everything e.g. a hoodie or a T-shirt it’s best if you look at the Kids and men’s ‘ section first.

  1. Swap with friends

Most of us have outfits in our home that we don’t wear often. You can invite a friend to swap clothes that you don’t like or wear which is a fabulous craze. You can also hold an outfit swap party. Ask your friends to pull out garments they don’t wear and invite them for clothing swap party to trade the items. In this way, you are able to get rid of garments you weren’t happy about and gain some clothes that you might wear at no cost. It’s a great way to receive some new clothes without spending anything and in the process, you get to meet your friends.

  1. Don’t buy it because it’s on sale

Do you always see a piece of the outfit in the shop and it’s tempting to purchase? Don’t purchase something because they are on sale unless you really need them. Before you purchase that outfit considers whether you really need it at that time or whether it would work out with some of your outfits in the wardrobe. Otherwise, it’s not worth purchasing.

  1. Buy one really awesome swimsuit

If you are planning to go for a vacation and you are tempted to carry all the fun outfits that doesn’t cost too much. You should know in the long run cheap outfits end up costing more and may end up being stretched, sheared or sagged before you even realize it. Rather you would purchase a quality well-made swimwear that will last for long years.  And to maintain it after wearing you can rinse it with cold water to clear off the sunscreen, other oils, and lotion. Then allow it to dry in the sun. And for sure it will last more than 3 years even without purchasing another one.

  1. Only buy what you can actually pay for

If you know you cannot afford a piece of an outfit its best to avoid it.  Buying outfits with cash will help diet yourself from spending a lot.

  1. Don’t be afraid to shop in thrift stores

You can find most enduring outfits in confinement and thrift stores which offer clothes at an outrageously low price. It’s advisable to try the outfit before buying them.  Make sure they fit by walking around, sitting and standing with them. If you love the stunning outfit and it’s almost exemplary splendid you can take it to the tailor to adjust it. But, if it is unpleasant to the eyes you can skip on purchasing it. Visiting a thrift store won’t make you strike gold but it’s the best place for treasure hunt without spending much of your money. You can find much less expensive outfits in a thrift shop if you are so much determined to get a bargain.

  1. Repurpose old clothes

If you are handy with a thread and needle you can improve your old garments by trimming them and adding a stunning embellishment or transforming it to into a usable accessory.  Jeans trousers with holes in the knees can be used to make shorts; shorts for little boys can be used to make superb skirts for little girls. People with sewing skills can transform, adjust or alter the outfits to provide another use for it.

  1. Check the tag before you buy

It’s usually advisable to check the label and price tags. As they reveal what the materials the garments are made of, the place they are made from thus helping you now which outfit will last for long. Read the tag before you purchase any outfit because if you purchase dry clean only outfit you’ll end up paying more every time you pull it up to the cleaners.  Make sure you always check the labels and price tags so as to get every penny you can get out of them. Save by sticking to machine washable outfits only.

  1. Find Coupons Online

There are many coupon apps that you can download that will help you save money. Coupon app like Sherpa allows you to look for coupons for restaurants and retailers to help you track when they have special offers. Examples of the coupons app that you can download from your android or iPhone Smartphone are Shooger, Yowzam Coupon Sherpa, and Coupon Closet. Use your Smartphone to check and find garment coupons before you purchase any outfit. Yowza is also a free app that can help you look for stores that are near you which offer the coupon on their garments.  You can also use sites like or, to look for coupon codes before you purchase anything from the online stores.

If you endorse the policy of purchasing quality, better clothes, fewer outfits, and caring them appropriately your garment could last for long years depending on how much time you wear them thus reducing your budget.